5 Tips for happy staff

Happiness in the workplace leads to increased productivity, lower turnover of staff and creates fantastic ambassadors for your brand.

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Here are Mint's top tips for creating a happy workforce:

1. Show your appreciation
Recognising and acknowledging good performance doesn't have to cost money. Saying thank you or sharing successes leads to employees feeling appreciated and they are more likely to go the extra mile in future.

2. Communicate
Keep employees up to date with what is going on with the business. A lack of internal communication can lead to frustration, duplication of work and sometimes a feeling of being kept in the dark which can lead to a lack of motivation. Send a quick email each week or take the time to go and speak to your staff and find out what is going on with them.

3. Work life balance
Remember that your staff have families and a life outside of work. Allowing some flexibility and being sympathetic when they are facing issues outside of work can pay dividends in terms of their commitment to their job.

4. Provide Employee Benefits
These don't have to cost the earth. Providers such as www.theworkperk.com provide free samples of products to your staff in exchange for feedback and the best part is it costs nothing to sign up.

5. Get to know your employees
Whilst everyone is busy, taking the time to get to know your team leads to a more engaged workforce. If you take the time to ask them how they are or arrange social events for people to get together outside of work from time to time this will create a feeling of belonging in your business.