5 Reasons why it's important to get your HR Documents right

1.  First Impressions Count

Ensuring that contracts, employee handbooks and template letters are all in line with legislation and up to date creates a last impression.  Not just for your employees but also if you were ever unfortunate enough to end up in an Employment Tribunal the evidence you present will show a Company that takes this responsibility seriously.

2.  Clear Expectations

Having clear policies and written statements of terms and conditions (contracts) provides clear expectations for both you and your employees.  The same goes for job descriptions, getting these right sets out for both parties what is required.

3.  Employment Legislation

There are frequent changes to employment legislation and you could unknowingly fall short if you don't keep up to date with the latest changes.  It's important not to let your Employee Handbook get dusty in a draw, it should be regularly reviewed and published to all staff.

4.  Clear Processes

If you do encounter an issue such as a disciplinary or grievance, there are clearly outlined processes for both you and your employee to follow.  An Employment Tribunal will always look at whether an employer has followed their own policy so getting these right and sticking to them is vital.  

5.  Consistency

Having processes in place ensures that everyone is dealt with fairly and consistently, avoiding ill feeling amongst staff who may feel that they have been treated differently.  Frequently you will also be asked to provide policies to accompany a tender such as an Equal Opportunities Policy so it could help you win future business too.